Thursday, June 4, 2009

we're baaaaaaaaaack

Hi old friends! 
I'm back off the wagon and catching up for lost time. I stopped into Fripe Prix on my way home from work the other day and was greeted by mountains of "really cool stuff". Unfortunately it was closing time so (like a veteran...or kid in candy shop) I grabbed the largest thing and dragged it through the warehouse (A big black trunk). I went back today after encouraging notes in response to my upholstery post to pick up one of twelve rad chairs I had also noticed but all were gone. To make matters worse I spent some time looking through all the other junk only for my chart to be STOLEN while I was in the fitting room. Among other things I lost a hot plate with a lobster on it (which reminded me of that fun wesc lookbook from a few summers ago) and a glass that said London Life in gold with which I was planning on telling guest I acquired in London. 

Here are some goodies though...

For the Love of Cats!
I'm still totally allergic to cats but this book makes me want one so bad...This my favorite find in Montreal. 

The hen's head on this clock moves up and down. This was what I had to find to remind me how fun it was. Found at Village with the girlz last weekend. 
Levis jean jacket (one that actually semi fits!) Found the same day and its already gotten a lot of use. 
Love pin from the fairfax flea market in LA