Sunday, November 8, 2009

What is Love?

Arrows (5 each)


I bought this after spending a day outside trying to get rid of stuff (garage selling) (TYPICAL). 30 bones from the guy across the street. I got him down from 40. high fives?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I was given a task to update and add things to this place. I didn't. But I am now. I will try and be more diligent about adding treasures found here because I have plenty. I think the next little while will just be archiving my past finds. Jess will help. And then I will try and keep up with my new treasures.

My pal asked me to be on the look out for this old sewing machine table. And here it is. TADA! -Chuckles this one's for you.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

we're baaaaaaaaaack

Hi old friends! 
I'm back off the wagon and catching up for lost time. I stopped into Fripe Prix on my way home from work the other day and was greeted by mountains of "really cool stuff". Unfortunately it was closing time so (like a veteran...or kid in candy shop) I grabbed the largest thing and dragged it through the warehouse (A big black trunk). I went back today after encouraging notes in response to my upholstery post to pick up one of twelve rad chairs I had also noticed but all were gone. To make matters worse I spent some time looking through all the other junk only for my chart to be STOLEN while I was in the fitting room. Among other things I lost a hot plate with a lobster on it (which reminded me of that fun wesc lookbook from a few summers ago) and a glass that said London Life in gold with which I was planning on telling guest I acquired in London. 

Here are some goodies though...

For the Love of Cats!
I'm still totally allergic to cats but this book makes me want one so bad...This my favorite find in Montreal. 

The hen's head on this clock moves up and down. This was what I had to find to remind me how fun it was. Found at Village with the girlz last weekend. 
Levis jean jacket (one that actually semi fits!) Found the same day and its already gotten a lot of use. 
Love pin from the fairfax flea market in LA


Sunday, March 22, 2009


I bought a bicycle off craigslist and it was delivered today! Its a little big but it came with a cool leather pouch on the seat. I'm happy. 

christopher lee

holding the door for the ladies at the hidden antique market we found in Merival during my last visit to Ottawa

Monday, March 16, 2009


I unexpectedly picked up a lot of sweet stuff at the community garage sale by Chris's last year.

My haul included this "chandelier" along with a bunch of other stuff I actually use - its hard to buy useful thrifted goods sometimes; you often get won over by the originality or availability and grab things that aren't your style. These pieces generally end up at the back of your closet or left in your car until you bring yourself to re-donate. Tax break please!

I love this piece - there's lots of wax left in the holes but its working with the three candles for now. 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

appropriate owls

A lot of people that were into the owl trend have been leaving their bodies and donating their collectors' selection. From thrifting to tattoos I feel like my life has been saturated, you too? Other than Melissa Wolla's Hooty Mc Boob tatt (its literally a tattoo on her boob so tatt is appropriate) and a owl jar gifted to me from Annie Lam that holds my jewellery, this is the only other owl that holds a place in my heart.

Owl lamp 6.99 at sally anne + lamp shade 3.99 value village

Plus my guy friends like this piece.

re: clothing

My apt/studio is becoming a designing mecca but I am in serious need of an ironing board. Right now I am using an old mini hotel guest one that i need to sit on the floor to use (welcome to the life of a beginner) while my antique wooden ironing board is serving as a side table - host of a clothes pile (usually). 

thrifted this gem at a value village for $9
Doilies, carved horse candle and chandelier also thrifted for approx 1.99 each.


Speaking of which, I totally destroyed my thrifted Burberry flats last season so I'm on the look out. Watch out amateurs.. :)